SMBCC vs AWE Tadley – 10.08.19

The Windiest Game Ever!

The net was in the car park and the covers blown 3 strips over, getting a fixture in on Saturday seemed an unlikely task with more rain forecast throughout the afternoon. The wind still blew, the first task of the day. Find some bails that where heavy enough to withstand the onslaught. Luckily, the Zingers delivered, and on a green strip The skipper Chalky had done his homework and having decided they were slightly more vulnerable batting first, wasted no time inserting them, 4th Placed AWE Tadley the visitors for the day and first to make use of a hard but green Bourne Wicket. Brenda Bulpitt (1-25) returned to the playing XI giving us a full-strength bowling attack, some deliberation from the think tanks of the team had the SMB opening bowlers switching ends to bowl with and into the wind. Brenda wasted no time in adding to 2019’s wicket tally when a flighted delivery held up in the wind, the opener finding mid-wicket. The old cart horse Clay faced the howling wind from the Bell end, an alien environment in his opening spell. The new ball just nipping off a length. The number 3 played all around a beauty on off stump. The Tadley No.4 drove the moving ball straight to Angry Bummerhands in the covers, defying gravity as he lept into the wind to snaffle a good catch low down. The No.5 followed 2 balls later a plumb LBW and another to Martan.

Some brutal hitting from Shot a Ball No.5 saw a change from both ends as Joe Prodger (2-32) and Alex Aldridge (3-14) were introduced to the attack. Joe struck with his 5th ball a sharp steepling delivery finding the remaining openers outside edge and just carrying to Chalky behind the timbers. Alex didn’t take much longer, the No.5 who still hadn’t played a defensive shot charged down the wicket to a low full toss and hit high to Dave Prodger at long on. Tadley in 58-6 as the rain started to come down. The SMB fielders soon had the covers on and retreated to the shelter of the pavilion for the duration of the 30 min monsoon. Sky now clear, the super sopper was on the square to take off the excess water and play started 10 minutes later. The Doctor spinning a web with 2 wickets in 2 balls. The Hattrick ball however must go down as one of the worse in SMB history, a triple bouncing no ball. Keen to end some late order 10th wicket resistance Martan (4-18) returned to the attack, the Tadley no.11 chopping on to a ball just outside off stump. AWE Tadley all out 95, a top bowling and fielding performance on a difficult day condition wise.

Keen to avoid more disruptions due to the rain the players headed straight back out, the total needed adjusted due to the delay. SMB needing 83 from 31 overs. Both Tadley openers steamed in getting the ball through with good pace. Swifty (8) the first to depart clean bowled, never looking comfortable against the pace and movement of Stead. Chalky (17) having played some sumptuous glances and a back foot drive for 4 at the other end, joined Swifty in the hutch as he managed to get on strike at the other end, his stumps castled first ball as he tried to manoeuvre a straight fast one to leg. Kinger was in for a lucky day clean bowled by a front foot no ball, 2 or 3 overs later he was struck on the pads smack bang in front to another big front foot no ball. Stead the unfortunate Tadley bowler. Dave Prodger (28) looked good as always but managed to find another unusual way to be dismissed, leaving a wide ball outside the off stump which tailed back a good 2 foot to clean him up with the chase all but over. Alex Aldridge (4*) survived an absolute peach of a first ball which cut him in half to see us home with Rob King (12*) just 3 wickets down.

Another top win against a higher placed team, SMB up to 6TH now and that’s 9 wins on the trot! There was a couple of contenders for the Captains vegetable this week, Rocko had several votes for his dog antics but the Skipper felt the deserved winner was the Doctor for his appalling hat trick ball. Hopefully the weather stays fair as SMB travel to bottom of the league Aldershot next Saturday looking for a record equalling 10 wins in a row.

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SMBCC vs Bentworth – 03.08.19

Spell Of The Season For Young Prodger!

With the playing line-up starting to change weekly like one of those rotating doors due to Summer holidays. SMB welcomed back Skipper Jack White, as acting skipper Phil Fish disappeared off on an Ashes Training Camp in Greece. SMB were also without leading strike bowler Brenda Bulpitt, but somehow still managed to field one of the strongest playing XI’s this season. With the opposition calling wrong Chalky waisted no time inserting the visitors Bentworth on a pitch that looked pretty good if not with a tint of green. The overhead conditions looked favourable too as Martan (1-14) took the new cherry from the far end of the ground bowling with good pace and lots of a way movement, drawing plays and misses from every batsman multiple times as he completed his 8 overs on the trot. Rocko (2-40) returned to open the bowling from the Bell end for the first time in a couple of seasons making the initial breakthrough with a full pitched ball hitting the openers off peg. The no.3 soon followed looping up a slow long hop outsite the off stump. Alex Aldridge (3fer) bowled a lovely length, flighting the ball up enticing the Bentworth middle order forward to be rapped on the pads bang in front. The pick of the Bourne attack however was young Joe Prodger (3-16) bowling with good pace and prestigious movement. Storming through the lower order with good rhythm in easily his most impressive spell this season. A top bowling performance, Bentworth all out 104.

Skipper Chalky wasted no time placing himself at the top of the order and greeted his first ball with a pull to the legside boundary for 4, a 6 to the same boundary soon followed as SMB found themselves going at 8 an over for the first 5. Playing all-round a straight one, Jack was replaced by Prodger Snr who followed the skipper shortly afterwards in a bizarre dismissal having swiped all 3 of his stumps with the bat, stepping back to cut the left arm opener. Luckily Swifty (42*) and Kinger were there to see SMB home for the loss of only 2 wickets. The remaining 12 runs coming in the 16th over without a legal ball being bowled, a conundrum for the scorer Ange Moon. No balls and no ball boundaries seeing us over the line.

8 in a row now for SMB as we welcome highly place AWE Tadley at The Recreation ground on Saturday 10th August. There was only one winner of the Captains Veg this week. Dave a first-time recipient for his bizarre means of giving up his wicket.

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SMBCC vs Rotherwick ITW – 20.07.19

Rampant Rocko Launches It Into Oblivion!

After 24hrs of July deluge, the covers did their job once again, a light in color dry playing surface was revealed. Winning the toss skipper Phil Fish wasted no time inserting visiting Rotherwick, packed with 8 bowlers Bourne sought early inroads into the opposition lineup. Unfortunately the cricketing gods seemed to be missing from the Recreation Ground for the early part of the afternoon. Martan & Brennan Bulpitt beating the bat time and time again with no joy of a breakthrough. At drinks Rotherwick 66-0 off of the first 20. The breakthrough finally came nearly 10 overs later with 108 on the board as Alex Aldridge (1-15) finally broke through the openers deference to peg back his off stump. The no.3 followed for a duck, bowled by the returning Janitor, who also then picked up the other opener Steve Wood (2-41) bowling well on his return to the side. Quick singles plagued the Bourne fielders throughout the whole innings and with some youth now sprinting between the wickets Rotherwick reached a decent 174-5, the other 2 wickets coming via run out. A disappointing outcome for a team packed with bowling, not taking advantage of the new ball.

SMB a little light in the batting department started off with the new opening pair of Swifty and Woody. Both started brightly with the score racing along at 21-0 after the first 5. Some decent, consistent line and length bowling drew Swifty (8) into a horror shot. Woody (11) soon followed run out, not for the first time this season. SMB slipping to 29-2 after 14. Dave Prodger (16) & Aldridge (6) both struggled for any kind of fluency, and found the field on a number of occasions before both were dismissed and had to make their way back to the pavilion. Joe Prodger (5) offered Andy Stevens some assistance in the start of a partnership but at 108-6, Clay joined Angry at the crease. 66 runs needed off of 11 overs. Angry went shortly after for a very well played 41. Phil Fish followed almost immediately for just 2. Rocko the new man to join Martan at the crease, 50+ still needed off 8 or so overs. Some tight bowling from one of the returning openers was proving difficult to hit so it rested on the change of bowling at the ‘bell end’. A flighty off spinner entering the attack for the first time in the 35th Over. The change in pace and length allowed the SMB to pair to free their arms a little 9 coming from the over. Easing the pressure a little in the next over as the opener continued to bowl a tight spell. Rocko found himself on strike at the start of the 37th, two quickly run 2’s and the third ball Rocko using Fishy’s bat smashes one straight to the man at Cow corner, in a moment of luck not dissimilar to that of Ben Stokes in the world cup final, the catch was taken, but as the fielder stepped back over the line he dropped the ball and 6 runs was awarded. Rocko was on a roll ending the over by skipping down the wicket to create a low full toss and smash the ball high over the pavilion for another 6 runs.

The equation now 19 from 3overs, a brief conference in the middle of the wicket between batsmen who decided they needed to try to get a single from every ball of the opening bowlers last over. Clay and Randall are hardly renown for their running between the wickets but the first 5 balls resulted in 5 runs, before the final delivery swung away down the leg-side for a bonus 4 byes. Unsure who was going to bowl the penultimate over both batsman were surprised when a completely new bowler took the ball. Martan swept the first two balls to the deep square fence for 4, before worried about getting carried away patted the third & fourth ball back to the bowler for dots. Keen not to leave it until the last over the 5 ball was short and allowed another powerful sweep to the same boundary.

SMB getting over line with 7 balls to spare for a well earned 3 wkt win, probably the best of the season so far. Martin Clay 25 not out and Christopher Randall 28 not out. The six over the pavilion to be talked about for many a year!

Swifty remembered the Vegetable this week but we couldnt think of anyone to give it too, a first of the season!

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SMBCC vs Overton II – 13.07.19

Openers Run Riot At Berrydown!

After the euphoria of Sundays World Cup win 🏏🏆🔥 for England Cricket trying to write up Saturdays fixture against Overton II’s pails in comparison. But I will try anyways.

Loosing the toss skipper Phil Fish was asked to bowl which seemed quite a suprise as the pitch looked very green and pretty uneven. An early assessment was that it would skid on do a bit. So being asked to bowl was perfect as Overton slipped to 18-6. 2 early Wickets for Clay as he found good pace and swing with the new ball. Brennan Bulpitt (4-21) was back from her ‘girls’ weekend and continued where she left off the fortnight earlier. Opposition batsman tempted in to big shots and caught on the edge of the infield, no matter how much they try their eyes still light up. Some good catches held from Swift, Mark Lancaster and Martan. The Overton lower middle order offered some resistance with a flury of boundarys, Alex Aldridge picked up a couple and Dave Prodger 1, Martin Clay (3-18) returned to end a stubborn 10th wicket partnership and bowl the hosts out for 74.

New boy Alistair and Swifty opened seizing on anythign short and wide to get us off to a flyer 39 on the board at the end of the 5th over. A change in length from the Overton seamers slowed the run rate a little and saw off both openers. With Prodge and Alex seeing us home for the loss of 2 wickets. 6 in a row now for SMBCC.

Swifty forgot the Captains veg🍆 again so kept it for another week!


SMBCC vs Ropley II – 06.07.19

Prodger Snr Runs Through Ropley!

Never let it be said that SMBCC do not have plenty of tossers. With skipper Jack White still on the golf course it was left to Vice Captain Phil Fish to toss the coin. A favourable decision ensued and he elected to bat. Quickly dropping himself to no.11. The run rate was thriving but wickets fell at regular intervals 69-3 after 11 overs. Back from the 18th Chalky slotted in at no 4 and batted beautifully for 56. Mark Lancaster marshalled the tail wonderfully for 46 with some crisp boundaries and sharp running between the wickets. SMB ending their 40 over 237-9.

On a warm muggy afternoon Alex Aldridge took over opening bowling duties from absent Brennan Bulpitt picking up two wickets. The addition of Dave Prodger to the attack at the other end brought the prize wicket of the Ropley skipper, Dave dismmantling the middle order with figures of 5-6 off of his 8 overs! A top spell!

A little complacent and faced with some stubborn batting. SMB struggled to take the remaining 2 wickets until the 34th over when veteran swinger Rob King mopped up the tail. Ropley all out for 115. Top keeping too by stand in Paul Bulpitt

Swifty maintained the captains veg for another week, mainly because he forgot it!



SMBCC vs Oakley II – 29.06.19

Top Team Performance, With Bat & Ball!

A great all round team performance resulted in a big win over 6th placed Oakley II this Saturday at a baking Recreation Ground. As the temperature soared so did the effort level from all 11 SMB fielders. Asked to bowl first SMB did a great job of restricting the visitors to 161-8 from their 40 overs. On a good track 200+ look par. Father and son, Dave and Joe Prodger combining to take 5 Oakley wickets.

The SMB openers started positively but failed to convert starts. Skipper Chalky looked very good for a quick fire 30 odd before a good catch ended his innings. It was left to Prodger senior to see us almost to the end with a sumptuous 64. Including some of the most attractive cover drives ever seen at the Rec. Alex Aldridge hitting the winning runs for a big 5 wkt win. Sweat and sunburn being all worthwhile.

The captains vegetable made a return in The George, Swifty the first recipient of the season for his continual moaning of how hot it was!

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SMBCC vs Herriard – 15.06.19

Bit Wet, But What A Win!

With rain pouring down as 1pm approached the SMB league Xi still searched for a first league home win o fthe season. And with showers forecast all afternoon a full game looked unlikely. Luckily after a 20min or so delay to the toss. SMB skipper inserted the opposition Herriard and opening bowlers Martin Clay (2-7) and Brennan Bulpitt (5-10) leaving the visitors batting in tatters. Brenda recording her first league 5 for in mens cricket! Top bowling! A quick downpour interrupted proceedings but Herriard finally succomed 33 all out!

Skipper Jack White promoted himself to open and with the help of partner Phil Fish slowly went about the task of 34 to win. Both batted with extreme patience to ensure a 10 wicket win and full points!

Early to the pub to enjoy some afternoon sunshine! Rain gone for the day.
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SMBCC vs Redlynch & Hale – 14.04.19

Cold, Freezing, Bloody Froze, Colder Still!

As opening days of the season come around, as a player you long for dry weather, a drop of sunshine and a full playing 11. With the wicket having had plenty of preparation during the week, come Sunday we were greeted with 2 of the 3 wishes as our first opponents of the year Redlynch & Hale & Wherwell arrived at the Recreation ground, strangely we had a 11 and it wasn’t raining. There wasn’t much sun however!

The earliest fixture certainly in my memory for the past 10 years required as many layers as possible and some shelter, a bitterly cold wind swept across the opening expanses of the Rec as SMB lost the toss and where asked to bowl.

Donning the black armbands and following a minutes silence to remember friends passed Jeff & Phil, it proved a somewhat questionable decision as Martan struck after just 4 balls, an early season valley wicket offering very little bounce. No back foot shots today was more apparent than ever.

Some tidy opening bowling from both ends from Martan & JK kept the batsman at bay before a couple of overpitched half volleys from Martan ended up over the fence. Jamie (1-15) made the break through as the set batsman started to threaten, chipping one straight to a leaping Paul Standford at mid wicket. With a fresh man to bowl at Martan (4-20) ripped through the middle order with a couple of bowleds and a stone dead LBW. Bolly (2-6) entered the attack from the Bellend and after an appalling 1st over somehow grabbed a couple of lower middle order wickets and finished his 3 overs with very respectable figures.

The catching was pretty poor as 4 chances were shelled as every Bourne fielder braced themselves against a cold afternoon in the field. It was left to Chalky (2-4) to mop up the tail and a solid catch on the boundary from JK to put an end to the main batting resistance. Redlynch all out 76!

A warm cup to hold full of scolding tea was never more welcomed at the midway point as the SMB players tried to get some warmth flowing back through their veins. With another good tea enjoyed courtesy of The George, layered up the Bourne Openers strode out to the crease to find a leggie to open the bowling and soon ragging it square.

Chalky (16) somehow surviving 5 overs of not knowing which way the ball was turning before being nailed plumb in front. Stan the man fell 2 balls later aiming one for the middle of the lake and loosing his off stump, could a collapse be on the cards with some inexperienced batsmen to come.? The Skipper Paul Bulpitt (1) kept out several fizzing leg breaks before failing to pick the wrong un, SMB 35-3 with the runs drying up and wickets tumbling, 77 looked along way away.

Inexperienced Richard Green joined the well set Swifty at the crease, showing lots of maturity for someone who only looks 16, Swifty manufactured the strike seeing off the leggies remaining over and stopping the slide. A slightly unusual tactic after only 10 overs and with 7 wickets in the hutch. With a change of bowling forced upon the opposition the runs flowed again as Swifty (41*) & Richard (8*) saw SMB home in 20.3 overs.

A great start to the season, in the pub by 5pm and without anyone catching hypothermia!

Join us on Easter Sunday as we face Hythe & Dibbden at home now!


2018 Awards

2018 Season Presentation Evening

After the annual AGM this seasons awards were presented by Paul Bulpitt and Rob King, another big thank you to The George, St Mary Bourne for their support throughout another good season.

Wells Cup – Saturday XI Batsman

Rob King – 331 Runs, Average 47.29



Hirst Trophy – Saturday XI Bowler

Martin Clay – 28 Wickets, Average 10.50

Annals Trophy – Saturday XI Allrounder

Alex Aldridge – 328 Runs, Average 36.44,   21 Wickets, Average 12.76


Hirs Hand – Outstanding Fielding

Jack White – Outstanding Boundary Catch vs East Woodhay II


Trethowan Cup – Captains Player

Ben White – Contributing throughout the Season, and always giving 110%

Tommy Gibbons Cup – Sunday XI Batsman & Ray Randall Cup – Sunday Bowler

James Swift – 292 Runs, Average 24.33,   16 Wickets, Average 11.00


Culley Cup – Club Member

Paul Bulpitt – Organising and running both teams throughout the season.


Mac Sutcliffe Trophy – Young Player

Jamie King – Leading the Sunday Attack all Season, turning up after work and straight on to bowl.


Derek Dyer Award – Best Newcomer

James Johnson – Joined halfway through the season and played pretty much every game there after, bringing fashion tips and manscaping to the team.


St. Johns Ambulance Special Award

Rob King – Injuring himself in nearly every game!


Grahan Guyatt Shield – Outstanding Performance

Martin Clay – 7-2 including 2 seperate Hattricks against Andover III

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