Pre-Season Rolling


Pre-Season Rolling

Just 45-60 Mins each is all we ask!

With the first fixture of the season just a fortnight away the more Rolling we can get done now on the square the better it should be for our weekly wickets throughout the season.

As always we aim to get around 20 hours of Rolling in on the square prior to the first fixture, so if anyone can spare some time to spend rolling it would be much appreciated. If everyone can chip in 45 minutes to 1 hour it would a big help, obviously we are happy for you to do more, and as many times as you like. After all what is an hour of your time?

As an incentive, if you do some rolling we can knock another £10 off your Grounds Maintenance fee for 2018.

So the IMPORTANT bit, how to start the roller. If anyone hasn’t used the relic that is the SMB Roller I would suggest you give Martin a call/email and he can run you through the operating of it. 

Martin is happy to give a Roller demo at the workday on Saturday 1st April.

Other Important things to remember:

  1. Always roll on SLOW – The FAST mode really has little impact on the square at this time of year.
  2. Roll the Square in a CROSSWAYS (Pavilion to Lake) direction or from CORNER TO CORNER
  3. You may need ear protection – I will try find some ear defenders to leave in the Side shed
  4. Seat and Starter Crank can be found in the side shed – These need to be but back there.
  5. Let Martin know how long you have done, so he can tally it up for the 20 Hr count.

April Work Party


St Mary Bourne Cricket Club – April Work Party

Saturday 1st April 2017 at The Recreation Ground, St Mary Bourne. 10am Start.

That time of year has come around fast once again. With just under a month to the opening fixtures of the season, as always there are a few jobs to be done on the ground.

After quite a work laden 2016 I am hoping 2017 shouldn’t be too bad. So hopefully many hands will make light work an hour or so of your time on Saturday 1st April will be much appreciated and hopefully all that is required to get the jobs done.

Here are the jobs that need doing:

  1. Remove Fence around the Square
  2. Mark out Strips for Season
  3. Brush off Astro as its starting to get a little tatty
  4. ROLLING at least 20 hours need to be done before the first Home Fixture
  5. Patio Area: If we can Wash/Brush off the stones and maybe weed in between
  6. Sight Screens Unchained
  7. Covers: Unchained & Sheeting put back on

Also don’t forget attendance on the workdays at the start and end of the season will deduct £10 off your Grounds Maintenance fee for 2018.