SMBCC vs Rotherwick ITW – 20.07.19

Rampant Rocko Launches It Into Oblivion!

After 24hrs of July deluge, the covers did their job once again, a light in color dry playing surface was revealed. Winning the toss skipper Phil Fish wasted no time inserting visiting Rotherwick, packed with 8 bowlers Bourne sought early inroads into the opposition lineup. Unfortunately the cricketing gods seemed to be missing from the Recreation Ground for the early part of the afternoon. Martan & Brennan Bulpitt beating the bat time and time again with no joy of a breakthrough. At drinks Rotherwick 66-0 off of the first 20. The breakthrough finally came nearly 10 overs later with 108 on the board as Alex Aldridge (1-15) finally broke through the openers deference to peg back his off stump. The no.3 followed for a duck, bowled by the returning Janitor, who also then picked up the other opener Steve Wood (2-41) bowling well on his return to the side. Quick singles plagued the Bourne fielders throughout the whole innings and with some youth now sprinting between the wickets Rotherwick reached a decent 174-5, the other 2 wickets coming via run out. A disappointing outcome for a team packed with bowling, not taking advantage of the new ball.

SMB a little light in the batting department started off with the new opening pair of Swifty and Woody. Both started brightly with the score racing along at 21-0 after the first 5. Some decent, consistent line and length bowling drew Swifty (8) into a horror shot. Woody (11) soon followed run out, not for the first time this season. SMB slipping to 29-2 after 14. Dave Prodger (16) & Aldridge (6) both struggled for any kind of fluency, and found the field on a number of occasions before both were dismissed and had to make their way back to the pavilion. Joe Prodger (5) offered Andy Stevens some assistance in the start of a partnership but at 108-6, Clay joined Angry at the crease. 66 runs needed off of 11 overs. Angry went shortly after for a very well played 41. Phil Fish followed almost immediately for just 2. Rocko the new man to join Martan at the crease, 50+ still needed off 8 or so overs. Some tight bowling from one of the returning openers was proving difficult to hit so it rested on the change of bowling at the ‘bell end’. A flighty off spinner entering the attack for the first time in the 35th Over. The change in pace and length allowed the SMB to pair to free their arms a little 9 coming from the over. Easing the pressure a little in the next over as the opener continued to bowl a tight spell. Rocko found himself on strike at the start of the 37th, two quickly run 2’s and the third ball Rocko using Fishy’s bat smashes one straight to the man at Cow corner, in a moment of luck not dissimilar to that of Ben Stokes in the world cup final, the catch was taken, but as the fielder stepped back over the line he dropped the ball and 6 runs was awarded. Rocko was on a roll ending the over by skipping down the wicket to create a low full toss and smash the ball high over the pavilion for another 6 runs.

The equation now 19 from 3overs, a brief conference in the middle of the wicket between batsmen who decided they needed to try to get a single from every ball of the opening bowlers last over. Clay and Randall are hardly renown for their running between the wickets but the first 5 balls resulted in 5 runs, before the final delivery swung away down the leg-side for a bonus 4 byes. Unsure who was going to bowl the penultimate over both batsman were surprised when a completely new bowler took the ball. Martan swept the first two balls to the deep square fence for 4, before worried about getting carried away patted the third & fourth ball back to the bowler for dots. Keen not to leave it until the last over the 5 ball was short and allowed another powerful sweep to the same boundary.

SMB getting over line with 7 balls to spare for a well earned 3 wkt win, probably the best of the season so far. Martin Clay 25 not out and Christopher Randall 28 not out. The six over the pavilion to be talked about for many a year!

Swifty remembered the Vegetable this week but we couldnt think of anyone to give it too, a first of the season!

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